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~The offer including the access module and the 3 months of access to the Kabelio* platform via Hot Bird at 13° east, allows you to access Swiss television programs (SF1, SF2, SF Info, RTS1, RTS2 , LA1, LA2), as well as a selection of European programs such as 3+, TV24, ProSieben CH, RTL CH, Sat.1 CH, RTL two CH, VOX CH, cable one CH, ORF1, ORF2, ARD, ZDF in HD quality or 54, +, 6+, TV25, TeleZüri, BBC World News, BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, TF1, France 2, France 3, Canale 5.

The module is of the CI + type, which makes it compulsory to insert it into a device (TV or SAT receiver) with a Ci + compatible reader.

At the end of the 3-month period included, it is possible to renew access for a period of 12 months by purchasing a voucher for the corresponding duration.

*package for swiss residents


General interest :
TF1, France 2 HD, France 3, France 4, M6 HD, Sat 1 HD, Pro Sieben, Channel 5, BBC Four, Channel 4, ITV HD, Das Erste, ZDF, Canale 5 HD, SRF ZWEI HD, SRF INFO HD, RTS Un HD, RTS Deux HD, RSI LA1 HD, RSI LA2 HD, Kabelio 3+, Kabelio 4+, Kabelio 5+, Kabelio 6+, TV24, TV25, S1, RTL ZWEI, Puls Acht, ORF1 HD, ORF2 HD, blue ZOOM D, SWISS 1, Tele ZURI HD, Südostschweiz

News :

Discovery :
France 5

Entertainment :

Kids :

Sport :
Free Sports

Radios :
RTL 102.5

Regional :
Tele 1, Tele BARN, Tele Basel, Tele M1, Tele SO

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