Tivusat Telesystem 9015 & card


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TS9015HEVC is the revolutionary 3rd generation DVB-S / S2 HEVC satellite set top box certified tivùsat HD and tivùon!
It is the most technologically advanced Set Top Box in its category, equipped with the tivùon sticker ! guarantees safe use of interactive content and services, films or content on demand (even broadcast on TV in the previous days), such as Infinity, the brand new video and film on demand service. If necessary, it can be transformed into a VCR with Time Shift and Mediaplayer function . The equipment is completed by a bright 4-digit display, compatibility with dCSS systems, the universal remote control with learning function to manage TV and decoder and the tivùsat HD card.
Also available in the version with Wi-Fi integrated: tivùon tivùsat TS9016WiFi HEVC decoder

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